samedi 25 mai 2013

Tom if you hear me.. !

Tom at the beach (hi to the babe behind!) by Ikẹ Lioἣel
Tom at the beach (hi to the babe behind!), a photo by Ikẹ Lioἣel on Flickr.

Today's outfit has been kind of inspired by Tom Selleck, the famous Magnum hero. 

Jacket/Tshirt: Leather Varsity Jacket - Speakeasy
Pants: Sweatpants, Light Grey - JuSt CoOl
Shoes: MAEL sneakers, suede sapphire - NOTsoBAD
Necklace: Adain necklace - KOSH
Stache: Moustache DD40 - *boon
Sunglasses: Mesh Sunglasses - Super Kingdom
Hair: Jirou, Dark browns - Taketomi

Taken at Las Arenas Rosadas

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