dimanche 23 juin 2013

Sh*t my pizza in the oven!

If you read the first post I ever did on this blog, you'll see in the list of things I wanted to blog 'fashion' and 'interior design'. I realised that I actually never mixed the two, or even thought of it! So this is my first complete blog post, with both fashion and interior design, and I hope you guys will enjoy! :)

And I've been working on this post so much that I forgot my pizza cooking in the oven!! :O 

- Shirt: 'Swallow Navy' Shirt - CREDO
- Pants: Baggy Skinnies - Speakeasy
- Shoes: E-Wings - 2REAL
- Glasses: B Dorkules, clear - Soap Co.
- Watch: Polyex Sports Watch, silver - Yummy (not available anymore)

- Skin: Jeremy - Fruk
- Hair: Dura Boy 41, dark brown - Dura Boy
- Beard: FacialHair II Dark_B#3 - [CheerNo] and Unorthodox - Guapo Full Beard
- Pose: Hawkins 3 - Poseology
- Tattoo: Don't get it twisted - Speakeasy  
- Eyes: Vanity eyes, walnut - IKON

- Canvas: Frames with Letter - Dreamscapes Decor
- Map: Traveller's Map 1 - PILOT
- Shelf: Haywood Pipe Shelf - PILOT
- Desk:Blogger's Office Desk (black) - {what next}
- Chair: Artisan Bistro Chair - {what next}
- Office supplies: included in the Blogger's Office set - {what next}
- Computer: iFall - Apple Fall

Thanks for reading!

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